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BRAINIACS.CH provides live-action, team-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in order to reach a specific goal (e.g. decoding a message) as fast as possible. The BRAINIACS experience starts with the players meeting their GameMaster, who briefs them on what the rules for the game are and the backstory of the mission.

In the beginning, players usually familiarize themselves with the game, tentatively at first but then more aggressively as time goes on, looking to solve the puzzles as soon as possible. A BRAINIAC mission involves numbers, symbols or pictures on the walls. Time should first be dedicated to searching through boxes, pockets, folders, underneath and behind everything/other objects; teams that communicate well, usually call out what they find and organize things that might go together. At some point, players will discover a puzzle and figure out how it can be solved; some puzzles have directions, others do not.

The solution to one puzzle will lead to something else – it may be a code for a kryptex, the starting key for another puzzle, etc. The group of players continuously work on puzzles, sharing information about what is found. If they are stuck, the GameMaster will offer a hint to help them continue. As time ticks on, the puzzles become more complex, all leading up to one final puzzle that will allow the team to finish the game. At the end of the game, the GameMaster will lead the team through a debriefing process, answering questions and explaining puzzles if they choose to.

BRAINIACS.CH games require teamwork, communication and delegation as well as critical thinking, attention to detail and lateral thinking. They are accessible to a wide age range of players and do not favor any gender; in fact, the most successful teams are those that are made up of players with a variety of experiences, skills, background knowledge and physical abilities. As they are live-action games taking place in the physical world, they create opportunities for players to engage directly with each other; players eager to look at something other than a glowing screen are flocking to games in the physical world for face-to-face engagement opportunities.

If you are interested, give us a call and we will make it happen.

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