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Three crazy BRAINIACS

private party, cham

Today we hosted an awesome event in Cham ... The so-called SledgingMasters managed to finish "The Original" with a score of 4900 points ... not bad for a team that had a lot of experience in terms of escape rooms and mystery games.

It was surprising for me to see how keen they were (in the beginning at least) to finish the game without any clue whatsoever. They finally gave in after 35 minutes and asked for their first clue ... followed by 5 other by the end of the game. They welcomed the challenge nonetheless!

In our overall top-scorer list, they ranked 4th but 1st place for teams of 2-4 people specifically.

So far, the podium is still occupied by the larger groups of 5 to 6 members from our corporate team events held in December of last year.

I am optimistic and very much looking forward to our private events for couples. A couple who has dabbled in the experience of room escapes, could easily break the TOP3. As soon as I "find" them, I'll write my impressions...

#privateparty #brainiacs #mysterygame #theoriginal #cham #escaperoom

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