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This is our NFT Project Page. It's a great opportunity to help visitors understand the context and background of our latest work.

Why should I buy an NFT?

Each of our NFTs, no matter the collection, it contains one or more messages. The message is written in various forms: it might be funny, it might be sarcastic or it might be the simple truth.

It's up to you to try out what the powerful  process of random minting provides for you.

If you cherish the message you get, then you can keep that to yourself. If not ... we encourage people to share it with others ... either as a gift or as an icebreaker during your next awkward coffee break. In the end ... our NFTs are created with one purpose in mind, beside making money :) ... introducing people through a simple approach into the  crypto / blockchain / NFT technology.

How will you raise awareness about the NFTS?

Since puzzles and brain games is our core business, we will take the opportunity to release  various "online puzzle games" through official channels. Whoever will manage to solve our puzzle first, will get a reward consisting of an NFTs and/or crypto. The magnitude of the BUZZ created around our NFTs  will determine how big the rewards will be. The bigger the rewards, the bigger the community. 

How do I buy one NFT?

You will be able to buy our NFTS using your Maiar or any Elrond wallet!


How much will each NFT cost?

We intend to set the price of mint at 0.1 EGLD per NFT. If the price of 1 EGLD variates heavily, we intend to adapt the mint cost in EGLD to maintain the FIAT equivalent.



Released on TrustMarket ... the FORTUNE eCOOKIES project are randomly generated NFTS that predicts your future for 6 predefined categories.

The initial collection contains 1000 individual and unique NFTS

Initial Giveaways: 1 NFT each for the first 50 Telegram Users.

Monthly Giveaways: follow the "online puzzle games" released through official channels (Telegram and/or Facebook)

Project description:

Each Fortune eCookie is randomly generated as follows:

- individual ratings per category

- text message for each category

- background color: 3 basic colors / nuances with infinite gradients

- pie background color: grey with infinite gradients

- text color: 3 colors / nuances with infinite gradients

- category title font

- category text font

- number and placement of "glass cuts"


Ratings are displayed on the Fortune eCookie ... the more ratings the card has the higher the rarity of it. The rarity will be given by 7 predefined traits. The traits are looking at the individual ratings for each category and the overall rating. Hence, the rarity of a card will not be given by the visuals of it.

A Fortune eCookie which clearly states "bad luck" on all 6 categories  it's a rare one. One with mixed messages among the predefined categories it's something common. However, we expect that the price of each Fortune eCookie to be also heavily influenced by the nature of the messages inside. 


Released on Trust Market DEVNET ... these cards are part of the PILOT project for with the aim of understanding the process of creating NFTs on Elrond blockchain.

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